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2010 Lexus RXh

Lexus has introduced the next generation of its trend-setting RX luxury utility vehicles for 2010, the V6-powered RX 350 and the hybrid RX 450h. Lexus inaugurated the luxury crossover category with the original RX 300 model in 1998 and introduced

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2008 Lexus RXh

Like its non-hybrid RX 350 sibling, the RX 400h luxury SUV gets few changes for 2008. A hybrid-electric drivetrain yields EPA-estimated gas mileage in the mid-20s, a respectable gain over the RX 350’s 20-mpg combined rating. Competitors to the RX

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2007 Lexus RXh

All Lexus models for 2007 will continue to offer the complimentary Personalized Settings service that was launched across the model line for 2005. Depending on the Lexus model, the Lexus dealer can make up to 16 different adjustments to the

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2006 LEXUS RXh

Hybrid gas-electric cars started out as compacts designed to get a gazillion miles to the gallon. That picture is changing and so must our thinking. Witness the new 2006 Lexus RX 400h.

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