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2010 Scion xB

The iconic Scion xB urban utility vehicle will continue to appeal to young consumers as it receives new standard and optional audio systems for the 2010 model year. The new standard Pioneer audio system features iPod/USB connectivity, a programmable welcome

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2009 Scion xB

2009 Scion xB Combines Unique Style And Performance The Scion xB urban utility vehicle, which received a major model change in 2008, enters the 2009 model year by appealing to young urban trendsetters with its fresh styling and performance. It

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2008 Scion xB

The xB is Scion’s boxy multi-purpose wagon and one of the two models that launched Scion as an all-new brand for Toyota. Scion is geared towards the youth market, offering highly customizable vehicles with generous standard equipment for a value-oriented

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2006 Scion xB

I don’t get it,” remarked a middle-aged man passing a row of Scion cars parked on the street. And that’s just the point — more than likely, that same man walked back to his Camry in his “loose fit” acid

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2005 Scion xB

Skeptics be silent: Toyota’s gamble to attract young customers has worked. Its new Scion line has an average age of 35 – lowest in the industry – and once you weed out parents who write the checks but never touch

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2004 SCION xB

Scion is that new brand. The Scion xB is one of three all-new models wearing the new badge and can now be found in about 80 percent of the Toyota showrooms in California. In February 2004, Scion will expand to

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